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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Mazda RX8 - Renesis Rotary Engine (brochure)

(got from mazda's exhibition at MidValleyMegamall)

Mazda RX8 - Renesis Rotary Engine

Lastweek aku g jenjalan kat mid (dgn sape lg kan...hik3;p)
tetiba je hepar aku ckp...Perghhh...Rx8 tuh...hehe...:)
Dan2 aku trus dok try masuk 'kokpit' gle argh ding dong...(sebut mcm mirul badang sebut haha...;p)...kalu aku berduit nant aku nak beli keta nie haha...:) satu ari nant...insyaALLAH.

A1GP Malaysia (Sepang) - 23 Nov 2008 (Sunday) - Fairuz Fauzy

Thanx Jobstreet & Fanzone for giving me 6 people e-voucher tickets, a yellow cap, pic of Fairuz Fauzy (FF) and a fabulous memory...:) my family & I (except my bro hanif (scuba diving training) & my gal (went to sarawak)). FF did very well from the red light turn green n deserved to get 3rd place until unwanted pit stop occur at 17th lap that grab the title of podium to 14th and manage to speed n got 10th n 1 point for Malaysia finally...:) i'm proud to be a malaysian..look at FF & the yellow ferrari machine very fast very brave very energetic. Top speed at the straight (esp. at grandstand in front of me hik3;p) and hard brake when take the conners. Afterthis...At NZ...Hope FF can manage to podium again..:)
more details please hit here

Just want to share my experienced...:) daa...

Support FF & AL, A1 Team Malaysia & Malaysia
We are proud to be MALAYSIAN, We belong to you, We will fight for you...yeaahhh...:) Malaysia Boleh...!!!

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